Do I Know You?

 (Film 4.40mins)

Tent Gallery, ECA.2014.

This film is about tension, the tension between individuals of the opposite sex. The setting is New York, the location is not so important, it is however, a place I have never visited and as such, the tension is heightened.

We all but trust in the people that surround us on a daily basis but do we know then? In approaching someone to kiss passionately, I am making decisions about people I do not know. I am finding markers that suggest that this individual is safe but what are the clues? Is it facial characteristics, body movement or simply intuitive? The relationships although very brief, undergo a highly complex interaction that is emotionally charged and challenging.

My performance will continue in different cities, collaborating with some film markers and photographers …

Thanks to Annabel Cooper, Colin Macdonald, Jonathan Carter, and Raymond Yeung for filming the work.

Thanks to all participants.