Shen’s work investigates the complex relationships that occur between humans and nature. There is a connection between the physical and biological changes that occur when strangers kiss, and climatic changes that occur when CO2 emissions enter the atmosphere. Her work is a witness to this, informed by her personal perspective on contemporary environmental, and cultural issues.

Her artistic practice draws on parallels between her personal path and wider issues that transcend cultural boundaries. Utilizing a range of approaches to digital media, environmental and installation art, and drawing upon field and visual theory there is a convergence of art, design, science, and technology in Shen’s work that makes a connection between the molecular and metaphysical.

Recent works involving carbon make associations between the elemental form of carbon, which is the universal building block of all known life, and the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by industrial processes. There is a universal quality to carbon, shared by ourselves, other life forms, our planet, its atmosphere and the universe as a whole.

Through performances, which are often captured on film or still image and further integrated into her multidisciplinary outputs, Shen submits her own changes within an ever-changing landscape.


Master of Fine Art with Distinction: Art Space and Nature, Edinburgh College of Art

(She has been awarded the George Simpson Art Space and Nature Architecture Prize for the best student on the Art Space and Nature Programme at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.)

2013 - 2015

The exploration of tools and techniques, addressing the broader cultural relationships between people, environment and technology, extending the idea of mediation to explore issues of cultural appropriation, such as energy production, information networks, settlement patterns and economic infrastructure, raising associated questions of cultural value, social impact and physical integration, leading into broader areas of inquiry, such as eco-philosophy, surrounding creative practice.


Master of Arts with Merit: Landscape Studies, The University of Sheffield

2012 - 2013 

The course include: CAD construction projects, workshops, Landscape History, Theory, and Practices, Introduction to Planting Design, Ecological Design and Management, Advanced Planting Design, Introduction to Landscape Construction (including use of CAD) Advanced Construction Design, Social Aspects of Design, Integrated Design Project, Introduction to Landscape Planning, Research Methods.


Bachelor of Art with First Class Honours: Interior Design, Sheffield Hallam University

2010 - 2012

The course includes: creating innovative and functional spaces for a range of internal environments including public buildings, retail outlets such as shops and restaurants, and community based projects such as schools, hospitals, museums, leisure venues and galleries.


Diploma in Decorative Art, Education Institute, Beijing Union University China

2006- 2008

The course involves the self-learning of drawing, two dimensional and colour composition, model making, Interior design, Space and Exhibition design with hand drawing, Auto CAD, Photoshop and 3D MAX.


Work experience

Curator, ASN, ECA.


Curating exhibitions, individually and in collaboration, for MFA Art Space and Nature, including spatial planning, poster design, and social media promotion.


Event Staff, Edinburgh Corn Exchange

2014 Jun 

Taking registrations, directing exhibitors and speakers to the conferences and workshops.


Volunteer, Ormesby Hall

2014 November 

Creative different actives for Ormesby Hall with another two artists, organized sections to teach Chinese Paper-cut Art, and also create some art in Ormesby Hall woodland.


Mentor, Sheffield Hallam University

2011 - 2012

Helping international students with their study and life.


Mentor, Beijing Union University

2006 - 2008

Assisting tutors with the organistation of timetables and appointments. Helping students overcome difficulties with coursework and attendance issues. General support duties for classwork and workshop activities.


Assistant Decoration Designer, Wuhan Engineering Co Ltd, Beijing, China

2003 - 2010

Producing Interior Design solutions for private and public clients, including hospitality and commercial contracts, using 3D Max, Photoshop and Auto Cad, also including general office duties. 


Restaurant Manager, China

2001 - 2003

Training new staffs and supervision of staffs on a day-to day basis, resolving customer issues, and also advertising, promotion and marketing.


-English (Spoken and Written) 

-Mandarin (Native Tongue)




-Film /video editing


-Adobe Premier

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe In Design

-Adobe Illustrator

-Microsoft Office

-Auto CAD

-3D Max

-Sketch Up

-Hand Drawing

-Model Making

-Laser cutting

-Marker visualizing