Ashes to Ashes

(Carbon Installation)

Tent Gallery, ECA.2015.

ECCI (Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation).2015

The work has been selected by The Human Impacts Institute's Creative Climate Awards 2015

There is biodegradable plastic, plant-based hydro-biodegradable plastic, and petroleum-based oxo-biodegradable plastic, which takes 47-90 days to biodegrade. In this work, ash from a coal fired power station that has been disposed of in the landscape, has been collected and cast into various waste plastic forms. It is therefore highlights the embodied energy, industrial processes, and impact on the landscape that the production of ‘disposable’ plastic products causes, increasing the viewer’s awareness of what we are buying.

Having made the work, I returned the part of artefacts to the landscape, where they will be placed in the ground as if they have been partially excavated. By putting these items back in the ground from where they came, the complete life cycle is represented.