Swamp Circus Design

RSA Competitive Design

(Recharging Stations) 2011/2012 

‘Re-conceive or find a new purpose for non-operational and increasingly obsolete Service stations by capitalising on their unique design features.’

My design, ‘SWAMP CIRCUS’ focuses on providing a leisure facility that could also provide classes in circus training for young children. The circus is very effective at engaging young people who perhaps have difficulty concentrating when studying. People who want to develop their circus skills can go to the studio or stage to practice depending on the circus schedule.

The SWAMP CIRCUS offers visitors a wide variety of amazing circus acts, including jugglers, stilt walkers, acrobats, magicians, clowns, unicyclists and trapeze artists.

The circus provides, a ticket point, a stage for visitors to watch shows and a spacious rehearsal space for professional acrobatics or for local circus classes to practise. There is also a studio for both circus classes and fitness classes which is linked to a garden that includes an open coffee area. Also within the garden there is a large swing structure for visitors to sit and relax by a calming water feature.

Finally, there is a showroom that houses shops selling photos of the shows, props and souvenirs, within this show room is also the Hot Pot Bar, a restaurant offering quick, healthy meals.